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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hi! My name is Petrine "Tina" Christensen and Welcome to "How Sweet It Is" !!! I am the oldest of three children. I have four of my own, and three wonderful grandbabies. I have created this blog for our family to share the things and memories that we love most.

Our father is a Canadian having lived his younger life in southern Alberta. We spent countless summers with our extended family at reunions, hiking at beautiful Waterton Lakes and Glacier National parks, going out for Chinese food (haven't found anything better in the states), playing softball and going to an occassional Raymond Stampede (that would be a "rodeo" for those who don't understand Canadian terms...lol).

Our mother is from Sweden. A talented artist, designer and seamstress...she is the type of person who can walk into a dress shop, sketch the dress and go home and sew it up in a flash...I had many a Prom dresses and even my wedding dress sewn by her. She is also a wonderful cook with a sweet Swedish disposition. She has kept the Swedish traditions alive in our family. I am hoping this blog will inspire my children to keep all the fun memorable times going. If you are inspired as well, then more the merrier!

Douglas, Marie-Louise, Julie, Petrine and Andrew 6-24-2012

Welcome to "How Sweet It Is!"  My name is Julie Christensen.  I am the middle child so that pretty much explains a lot. :)  My passion in life are my two children Aisling and Saxon.  Aisling is my very social 13 year-old daughter and Saxon is my 11 year-old comedian.  I also have an unquenchable desire to travel and soak up the culture and history of the places I visit. 

Our memories are our treasures to keep. However, in this case we are sharing them as well. Our senses can transport us to a different time and place. The smell of cinnamon whirls me back to my childhood home where my mother is baking Swedish kanel bular (cinnamon rolls). The music of ABBA brings me a sense of security and happy moments spent in my youth. A campfire quickly sends me to the banks of Waterton Lake, Waterton National Park, Canada laughing over a picnic lunch in a camp kitchen with our Canadian relatives. When these moments happen they are tiny miracles. We hope that you will delight as we take your senses on a journey to these beautiful places.

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