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Swedish Sandwich Cake (Torte)

For many years I had heard about the delicious sandwich cakes that my Aunt Eva would create for special occasions.  So, I decided to attempt to make one for Swedish Midsummer in order to surprise my mother.

I researched the internet and there are several recipes that you may follow and so many photos of how you can decorate your cake.  There is no one way to garnish your masterpiece. Just use your creativity.

I chose to try this following recipe except I used smoke salmon instead of smoked trout.  You may also cover the cake with mayonnaise or softened cream cheese.  I found that the mayonnaise brought out the flavors better.  It really depends on your preference.  Also, keep your cake refrigerated until serving.  It is also a good idea to quickly place the uneaten portion back into the fridge.

The following link is an example of how beautifully these cakes can be adorned.  

Egg Mixture

Salmon Mixture

The layering begins

Ta da!  My first attempt at making a delicious Swedish Torte.

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