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I stumbled upon Pam Harris's gingerbreadsnowflakes blog on Pinterest. She's already completed these wonderful Scandinavian projects. Check out her blog while waiting for me and other sisters/daughters to add content to this Crafts page. Thank you so much Pam!!!

Dala Horse Stuffed Toy:
I thought this project was so clever, and very Swedish at that, that I had to share her blogspot.
I just HAVE to make me one, and maybe a few others as gifts! Check out the blog on the Swedish Dala Horse stuffed animal project.

A felted Dala Horse ornament: yes, I plan on making me some too!

Woven heart ornaments/treat baskets:

Scandinavian Tree:
How to link: http://gingerbreadsnowflakes.com/node/440

Another blog site link for Scandinavian Crafts: http://the-pickled-herring.blogspot.com/2010/12/scandinavian-christmas-day-2.html
Love the cute little Tomtes for Christmas! (and making this one too)!

I think I will be plenty busy in the meantime...if you have Scandinavian crafts, recipes, traditions you would like to share, please leave a comment and link back to this blog site! Thanks in advance!

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